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Take The Guess Work Out of Foaling Time With The Best Selling Foal Predictor Kit in the World

  • Recommended by Veterinarians for over 15 Years
  • Safe, Non-invasive, Reliable Test
  • Easy-to-Use
  • One Convenient Package

The PREDICT-A-FOAL™ Kit is a Mare foaling predictor kit and will determine whether she will be foaling within 12 hours. Safe and easy to perform, the kit test is specifically designed to test for levels of calcium and magnesium in the secretions/milk of the mare’s udder. Expecting horse owners are educated in detecting the signs of parturition, when to begin testing, a step-by-step guide to testing procedures and interpreting test results. In addition, the PREDICT-A-FOAL™ Support Group will help you through this very stressful foaling time. We are simply a phone call away, helping you with questions and procedures.

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